The Tactiqs® Performance System was designed by a team of sail boat racers from the US and Europe as the ultimate comprehensive boat performance system. It will substantially improve your understanding of the conditions and the race course, and help you make better decisions and win more races.
Post-race analysis tools give you the details on your performance and let you review your races by numbers as well as track individual sail usage and cross-overs to make optimum use of your inventory.
The system was built from the ground up with simplicity of use in mind - the smarts are hidden behind an intuitive user interface.

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The system utilizes your boat's sensor data via a wireless NMEA interface connected to the Tactiqs® application, allowing the crew to use any number of iOS devices as customizable displays for 62 different performance metrics and an additional 25 foiling metrics.
For smaller boats without instruments the system uses the iOS devices' built-in sensors and basic wind input controls combined with smart tracking algorithms. For perfect wind data on dinghies and small keel boats, we also support Calypso Instrument's Ultrasonic Bluetooth wind sensor.
Additional wearables in the form of the Tactiqs® augmented-reality glasses and smart watches (Android WearOS 2.1+) make the perfect fit for all boat sizes and crew positions.


During the pre-start period the system continuously calculates distance and direction to the starting line. Based on your boat's VPP we determine how many seconds you are from the line, and how much time you have to burn for a perfect start.
The 3D bird's eye view lets you see yourself in the box and know exactly where you are in relation to the starting line.
The system also continuously updates the starting line bias so you always know the preferred side. The wind graph shows you oscillating and persistent patters and helps you decide which side of the course to go first. See the START module in action.


Once in the race, master the course and the windshifts by knowing exacty where you are and whether you are on the favored tack.
The 3D bird's eye view shows you the next mark and its laylines so you can focus on your competitors instead of running numbers in your head.
A separate course overview shows you the complete picture including wind angles for all legs, so you can plan your sail choice well ahead of the next rounding.


Use the chart view on your iPad to plan out the best route for your next offshore, coastal, or inshore regatta. Based on pre-configured or manually created courses Tactiqs® provides you with the forecasted wind conditions for each leg. For longer races compare weather routing solutions for your preferred wind sources and find the fastest route to the finish.
Sail angles and wind statistics help you find the optimum sail selection for the race.
Tactiqs® supports Navionics charts (requires active Navionics subscription), and raster charts (BSB or GeoTIFF). See the Navigator module in action.


The Tactiqs® iOS app is fully integrated with B&G H5000 based instrument systems, enabling the display of Tactiqs® calculated metrics on B&G marine displays. Furthermore, the Wind Calibration function in the Tactiqs® Analyzer can be used to quickly determine TWA and TWS corrections for upwind, reaching & downwind and store them directly in the H5000 processor - even while racing.
The Tactiqs® app also supports sending its metrics to Garmin GNX120/130 displays via Yacht Devices' NMEA2000 gateways, and can control GNX page selection based on the RLC, windward/leeward & offshore race modes activated in the app.


As the ultimate wearable display solution, the Tactiqs® system offers custom augmented reality displays in the form-factor of sun-glasses that provide you the key data right within your field of vision. These glasses are fully integrated with the iOS application and can replicate any metrics of choice organized into three numerical and three graphical layouts. Control of key functions such as the race timer and pinning the starting line are directly available via the integrated touch interface. See the Tactiqs® glasses in action.


The post-race analysis tools provide you two key data sets - how well you did around the course, i.e. your tactical decisions, and how fast you were sailing.
The course view shows you your track color-coded with your speed or VMG performance, with your actual versus optimum wind angles, and wether you were lifted or headed.
The SailCast® viewer on the portal lets you replay your uploaded races and metrics to get a full understanding of each moment in the race.


The live polar data taken from steady-state measurements shows your speed performance against VPP targets over the race, and a heatmap identifies the points of sail you spent most of your time on.
The system enables you to track individual sail usage during the race and aggregates sail-specific performance data in your Tactiqs® account. This allows you to find the best sail for a specific wind speed & angle, and fine-tune the cross-overs in your inventory.
Dual-camera iPhones can take perspective-corrected sail shape images directly in the Tactiqs® app, the photos are a synchronized part of your performance data history in your account and accessible in sail-specific timeline charts. Experience all sail analytics tools.


The SailCast® feature of Tactiqs® visualizes races uploaded to the portal right in your web browser. You can select the playback speed, jump directly to a specific leg or mark rounding, and choose between areal and chase cameras.
Annotations provide you with an immediate understanding of the course geometry and wind conditions, and each boat shows their individual speed and wind data. Race photos taken in the Tactiqs® app are automatically shown in the media timeline. This level of insight into a race is invaluable for post-race dock talks and training sessions, allowing the whole class to benefit from using Tactiqs®. See SailCast® in action.


The website lets you quickly set up your boat, the corresponding VPP data, and your sail inventory to enable sail tracking and live polar data by sail type.
Tactiqs® provides a database of popular VPPs, so chances are your boat is ready to go. Separately, you can always fine-tune your boat's VPP data. While our master VPP data base is available to all users, your personalized VPP data is only visible to you.


Race data such as regattas, course definitions, and course marks are easily set up and shareable via the portal and our map-based mark wizard.
For windward-leeward racing the iOS app provides a course configurator that lets you create ad-hoc courses based on number of legs and direction & distance to the weather mark.
On race day the app provides you a live course overview with wind angles for each leg to plan your sail choices.


Tactiqs® is fully integrated with our SailHub™ coaching system. The SailHub™ iOS app and weather station lets you broadcast the current wind direction and speed directly from your coach boat to the fleet around you. This enables boats without any instruments to generate complete training logs and lets students quickly identify where they can improve.

The built-in SailHub™ messaging system allows the coach to send training drills to all students and to remotely control the start timer for fully synchronized practice sessions.

The combination of Tactiqs® with SailHub™ on a coach boat also enables very accurate sail & trim comparison between boats for advanced coaching sessions and sail shape development.


"Tactiqs® is a must-have for any skipper who demands the best from their boat. Having speed, wind, and performance data at your eyelids gives a remarkable edge in decision-making when on the race course."
Mike Price, Ullman Sails, Hawaii

"I have been using Tactiqs® now for several years and have been very impressed with its overall performance. What sets this aside from the others is its ability to focus purely on your boat, tweeking the VPPs, analysing your race and tracking boat performance by sail inventory.
I have used the Raptor glasses with the heads up display, and although initially I had to get used to the info right in front of your sight, I now find them very easy to use knowing the info is there when I focus on it.
To finish off, this app with the addition of the glasses is for the serious racer. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed."
Steve Emery, Hyde Sails, South Australia

"A year ago I stumbled by chance on the Tactiqs® App. Very quickly, I realized that I had found the right tool for our training and racing program. From the set up of the boat to the acquisition of the data real time, all the functionalities are available at the swipe of your finger. A very intuitive design. Combining information on the boat and live environment data gives the skipper and/or tactician a live analysis of the race course with accurate forecast of lay lines and time or distance to the marks. Immediately during our first training session, we saw the benefit of accurate real time feedback on performance and VPPs. Sessions after sessions, the helming and trimming became much more precise, and week after week we saw the boat’s performance improved dramatically. The after sessions debriefs were also made very easy thanks to a post sailing report generated automatically. Within a couple of months, thanks to Tactiqs’ realtime race course analysis, our racing results started to improve as well. We took full advantage of the pre-start analysis and it became a second nature to optimize the boat to its max potential. On our journey, we rose from the bottom of the standings to the underdog to one of the top contenders. The Tactiqs® app has been an essential contributor to that success.
From a pre-race perspective, it is again easy to use. Being a geometrical or a passage race, setting up race courses is easy and quick. Once defined, marks and race courses are stored in a shared database for all users to enjoy so to avoid duplication of work.
Finally, and in my opinion, a critical point, Tactiqs® support has been outstanding. As we came up with various requests to add some functionalities, the support team was very responsive, and the implementation happened quickly thanks to a weekly app update cycle.
In short, it has been a very satisfying experience, and the results really speak for themselves."
Jinn HKG2509 - J-122E, Hong Kong

"Tactiqs® has been a great addition to the Beneteau Oceanis 55. The flexibility and vast volume of data available to display is a strong value add to the entire crew that is now able to stay in connection with the performance of the boat over multiple days of racing. Specifically, the performance reference to the boat's polars provides a never ending competition amongst the crew to perform better than the last shift or driver. This addition to the existing 5 B&G Zeus chart plotters has really been valuable to increase performance and fun on the boat."
Thank you for a great product and support!"
David Normandin, Beneteau Oceanis Owner, Dana Point, CA

"We won our last championship with the aid of Tactiqs®. It’s easy to use and easy to read. Given that it has several tabs and screens you can easily set up each set of metrics for the racing mode you are in. Great maps feature and easy to set up fixed courses. Also it is a big plus to dive into the race analytics when the day is over."
Matias Zapiola, Navigator for Gaucho ARG-4400, Argentina


The Tactiqs® system supports any number of iOS devices (both iPad and iPhone) as display units. The first device you connect to your boat's NMEA data over Wifi will organize all subsequent devices, including any number of AR glasses and Android WearOS watches.

You can install the iOS app as an NMEA data repeater for free to check out whether your boat network provides NMEA data over Wifi. For data that relates to your boat's performance or requires VPP information you need to set up your boat's configuration record, which is part of your account on the web site. New users will be enrolled into a 45-day free trial account, so you can try out the system before you commit to anything. To get started please view the Tactiqs Quickstart Guide.

Pricing is based on the number of boats you manage in your account, and on the number of AR glasses you use concurrently. Regular boats have full access to external NMEA data and all analytics, basic boats are intended for setups w/o electronics, e.g. dinghies or small keel boats:

Product One-time Purchase Annual Subscription
Regular Boat None $199.95 / Boat
Basic Boat None $99.95 / Boat
AR Glasses $399.- $99.95 / Glasses

Your subscription is accessible in your account settings. To purchase a pair of AR glasses, please visit Everysight's Maverick product page.


The Tactiqs® system was designed and built by us to bring the next level of technology into our sport. Our team consists of sailing professionals and racing enthusiasts with high-tech backgrounds, and we believe that racers should not have to choose between very basic instruments and feature-rich, but complicated professional level solutions.

We designed our solution with the average racer in mind, and put simplicity of use first in all aspects of the Tactiqs® system. If you have any specific questions please contact us at